Team Estrela – The home base for Estrela and Estrela breeder information

Mission Statement

Team Estrela does not have an about us page, we are a community of Estrela owners, and breeders. Believing education is the best way to promote healthy ethical breeding and an interactive community, this page was built.

Healthy Estrela start with health testing and ethical breeding. From before the mating happens. This includes proper temperament. A timid, shy or fearful Estrela is no Estrela at all. Instead it may very well be a legal issue down the road.

If your breeder is not listed, they do not test, or do not publish their health tests on OFA, CERF or their own website. Ask them why.
If your breeder is offering you a free dog, ask them why.

This page is International. A breeder you contact may be in another country.

Feel free to contact the Team here.
NEED contact form done, I was not sure how to add three email addys.
We are under CONSTRUCTION. Please be patient while we build our team.